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Pandora digital signature capture system

What for?

The capture of the document signature is already a reality in many industries, post office, supermarket, notaries, etc., and Pandora will also be present in the nautical sector.

Try to remember how many documents its port, club or yard that need to be signed by your customers or members; check in, contracts, orders, registration for courses, meetings, work orders, etc.
Moreover, all these documents need IN be archived for future reference or supervision.
Now consider the process that your employees have to do with all these documents:

  1. Create the document
  2. Print it
  3. Customer / partner signs it
  4. The document is scanned to a digital file or saved to the physical expedient
  5. Whenever we need to prove that the document was signed must go to the file to locate the document.


Your customer signs and ready

With the signing of Pandora’s digital signature module, signature processes are reduced to a single work, THAT YOU SIGN IN TABLET OF DIGITAL SIGNATURE.
All documents created on Pandora, which may require the signature of the client or partner, are ready. The signature is stored in the digital signature capture Tablet.

Quick and easy

When you have the document ready for signature at the Tablet of digital signature, a summary of all the data appears for the customer to see what you are signing. Then, all documents will be recorded and digitally stored.
Have your signed document and stored digitally.
Now you can print a copy, see it as often as you need quickly and easily or send it by email.

Legal validity

The Pandora’s digital signature system is in accordance with the legislation in force in the European Union, is that it is legally recognized as a digital signature.

Modern image

You will be able to offer its customers its port, marina or yard the digital signature. Besides offering an image of modernity and agility will help all its management and internal administration system.

Imagine your customers’ reaction when he signs a contract and find a summary of it in the signature tablet.
He signs and when it receives the copy of the contract, it will already be signed.

You will find all these advantages in a check in, a yard of the budget, an application for a course, a work order, etc.

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