Fast Checkin

With Fast Chekin you can get your customers data quickly and easily without mistakes. You should think how you can improve your chekin so with FastChekin your checkin will be able to do inmediatly. Sure, your customers will be more satisfied with your management.

Digital Signature

Have you ever thought, how many documents must be signed for your customers; agreements, invoices, receives, etc. With our Digital Signature your customer needs less time to do this procedure and you can improve your management.

Why PANDORA Digital Signature?

Paperless is nowadays an easy process in banks, postal, supermarkets, etc. and actually with Pandora is easy in the harbor management too.

Digital Check-in

You can get your data customers from their Passport or ID directly. Pandora is ready for a lot of ID and Passport registered in the ICAO system.

Why PANDORA Digital Check-in?

Performs data receiving of ID cards, national and foreign passports  that comply with ICAO standards.

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