What for?

With our Management Report module you will have available all the statistical information that allows you to control the economic performance of the port, club or yard.


Improving Excellence

  • How much has been billed by boat and by origin?
  • How many new transits were in my port and how many repeated with respect to previous years?
  • What types of moorings are the most profitable and the most used?

Accuracy and Efficiency

  • What business unit is more profitable?
  • My income-expenditure ratios are they acceptable?
  • On that unit should act?
  • What are the services deficit?

Future planning

  • How to plan budgets.
  • How to increase my income.
  • How to find a balance point?
  • ABC of services, expenses, customers, etc.

Results analysis

  • What income is received by customer type?
  • Where margins are my billing between them?
  • Which boats generate more revenue and what products or services I check them?
  • What is the financial status of the port or club?