Paperless Office

The easiest way to have all documents ordered and one click away.

What for?

If you need to consult an invoice or contract you prefer to go to the file to search for it or would find it with the click of a mouse? Manage paperless is a reality.


Increased speed and cost savings

  • When performing your most common processes; invoices, receipts, contracts, etc., your documents will be archived in image formar and will be linked to the relevant record.
  • Create an invoice, send it to the client and file it in your registration, in a single process.
  • Create a contract for a mooring on Pandora, send the copy to the customer and be able to hold with just one click.
  • A check-in process only needs a data collection so that everything is archived and linked to all relevant records. Now you can view it as many times as you want.
  • You can view any document in real time without having to go to your file or search a file folder.
  • You will only print the dossier which is strictly necessary.

Control and management rigor

If you have a procedure to control their most common processes, why not use the computer to do it?

  • Create workflows so you can monitor the time it takes to manage, who and when it was processed and what was the result.
  • If you receive a complaint from a client can pass it through the scanner and continue the process as it deems appropriate for his client never go unanswered
  • Never miss the information from a collection claims process and all documents and people who have spoken.


In the image that conveys its port, club or marina for customer management / partners management is an essential pillar.
With our document management module when your client asks for information, your employees can give answers in a manner more:

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Modern

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