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Technological and software solutions for the marinas, yacht clubs and shipyards management to cover all features you require.

Pandora is the name of our program for the management of marinas and yacht clubs. Our solution is the most widely used management software worldwide and currently operates facilities in Italy, Uruguay, Portugal and Spain where they administered over 70% of moorings with Pandora.

Pandora Shipyard is our solution for the management of shipyards and docks. Thanks to the contributions of all our customers, we created standard management for this industry. Actually most important marinas in Spain have Pandora.

People access systems, equipment for parking in nautical facilities, presence controls, and all the equipment that may relate to management are other services as a global supplier to the marine industry we offer.

The experience and success of Pandora gives our customers a comprehensive solution and advanced service.


A single supplier for all your technology needs.

Pandora Global was development as an answer to the demand of the marine industry: A single provider serving all needs of technology.

To management ports, shipyard and clubs, is essential a good administration program and thats exactly what Pandora offers you: access systems, parking, counters readings, presence control, etc., which in most cases are the responsibility of different suppliers, with a variety of management systems and models, which has just been influencing our daily work:

  • The workload of our administration is very high.
  • Information is dispersed.

So if a problem occurs, discover the origin is very difficult, since the responsibilities are not defined.

Faced with this situation Pandora Global is the only INTEGRAL SOLUTION for the nautical area.

Pandora Global puts at your disposal a complete team of engineers, programmers, technicians and consultants, who will study and carry out the project of technical implementation that fits your needs.

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