Pandora Solution

The most complete management solution for marinas and yacht clubs.

Why Pandora Solution?

If you are looking for a management software for your port or club; Pandora is the ultimate tool for all your needs.

Pandora is on the market over 15 years Pandora has become a reference for the nautical sector management.

Since the year 2000, we have incorporated into our program all the experience and contributions of our clients. By now Pandora, has become the GLOBAL SOLUTION management for ports and clubs.

Over 70% of the moorings in Spain are managed with Pandora and we have over 120 customers worldwide. They help us optimize the processes, incorporating new features, new modules, which allows us to ensure that PANDORA is sum of knowledge and experience of all and each one of our clients.

In addition, our development teams trained constantly to incorporate the latest technologies and improve Pandora with the most modern options, putting them at service of the nautical area.

The most complete, efficient and simple management program for marinas and yacht clubs. Pandora is the result of years of experience; over 70% of moorings in Spain, our program manages over 120 customers worldwide.

COMPLETE. Anything you may have in your port or club management will be solved with Pandora.

FACILITY. Our users are constantly bringing improvements in the use of the program, so Pandora is easy, simple and intuitive to use in daily management.

MODERN. Pandora is currently using the latest programming standards, databases and environments.

Pandora can operate in Cloud taking full advantage of the latest Internet technologies, or it can be installed in premises for those customers who want it. In both cases, the screens, listings and Pandora processes are adapted to the most modern graphic formats.

SECURING YOUR INVESTMENT. Pandora is the software solution LEADER in Spain. The contributions of our customers, continuous development of new update and a constant effort in I + D + i give it a safer investment and maximum profitability.

The most powerful database for the management of all customers and boats will be available to handle whatever you need:

  • Document Management
  • Economic and financial management
  • Contracts, releases, statements, notices, etc.
  • Meetings and Assemblies of partners.

The management and control of our port is an essential part of the daily work of our staff. From the map of Pandora all the information you might need will be ready with only one “click”; occupation, reservations, tap listings, financial situation and etc.

“Why do we have a good information if it does not help us to make decisions”? All Pandora data management are collected in reports, queries and statistics to help anticipate the decision and the management be more effective.

The world is internet and internet is the world!

The management of a port or a club has a significance towards its customers and partners that cannot be forgotten. From Pandora you can make all available turnover, state of accounts, movements and any information of interest from your website or from a mobile phone.

If you want, Pandora can operate “in the cloud” so you don`t have to make investments in local equipment, and only with one internet line you can control and manage it.


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