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Why Pandora Present Control

Between Integration and solution systems of access or Pandora or Pandora Shipyard, will allow maximum performance to Installing with minimum effort. From our management solutions you can inputs and outputs pedestrian control vehicle, all of Its dependencies, validate, and know the data Immediately, create cards with speed and comfort etc. All this, from the same program that makes the rest of your administration and management tasks.

They allow you to provide your customers, partners, suppliers, etc. The system that best suits their needs tighter costs.

You can customize your access cards as you want; Insert photographs, logos, images… and print them from Pandora solution or Shipyard in the same offices and when you need it.

We will make a detailed study of the needs and possibilities of installation to provide all kinds, Wireless, IP areas, etc. We do all installations.

If your port has entrances to docks, or want to install, you can implement control systems adapted to the marine outside.

Our equipment are prepare for marine exterior, wardrobes, proximity, in different colors. We have a particular solution to your needs.

You can use our access control equipment on bathrooms, laundries, social halls, etc. It will increase security and improve the care in use. In addition, of course, you decide who and when accesses where. You can even decide who can`t access even handing his card.

Its control system for people will be valid for vehicles and parking access. You don’t need to have several systems for the same goal.


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