Pandora Shipyard

Pandora Shipyard, is our solution for the administration of your shipyard.

Why Pandora shipyard?

If you are managing a dry dock or shipyards and seeks a management solution; Dry dock Pandora is your answer.

Is the global solution for the integral management of their dry dock or shipyard. Having the most prestigious boat ramps as clients, has allowed us to develop a management application of dry docks and shipyards which has become the standard for these nautical facilities management.

Pandora shipyard solves all tasks and processes associated with:

  • Budget management
  • Work orders and control employees and tasks
  • Store and their movements, consumption, etc.
  • The launch of invoices for customers
  • Monitoring of the planning of execution (Gantt chart)
  • All control of external suppliers, invoices received and etc.
  • The most comprehensive process of billing, collection and Treasury

All of this coupled with more thorough management agendas of cranes, travels or monorail, with the coordination of work teams and management agendas of occupation of the esplanades or water points. Ultimately, a management model of dry dock COMPLETE and UNIQUE.

It is the software solution specifically designed to control and plan the integral management of the activity that takes place every day in the dry dock or shipyard.

The result of years of experience and the most demanding customers is a standard of management of dry dock with the maximum advantages.

MAXIMUM RIGOUR IN MONITORING PROJECTS. With dry dock Pandora you will get maximum control in the implementation and monitoring of yours projects.

CONTROL AND MONITORING OF WORKS. There will be detailed and up-to-date information of each project and client, which you can manage comfortably from your computer screen.

MANAGEMENT AUTOMATIC DELIVERY NOTES AND INVOICES.  In addition to offering great control of each project, dry dock Pandora will save you much time in the usual processes of financial management.

SIMPLICITY AND FREEDOM. Pandora is a flexible and intuitive, easy system to use from day one.

SECURITY IN YOUR INVESTMENT. Pandora is the software solution LEADER in Spain. The contributions of our
customers, continuous development of new update and a constant effort in I + D + i give it a safer investment and maximum profitability.

A comfortable tool to make budgets and its follow-up in an fast way.

Shipyard Pandora will help you calculate the benefits of the project according to their internal sets, or the profitability of non-providers, among other factors.

Planning spaces in the Esplanade, moorings points or the occupation of ships, or installations in coordination with cranes, travels or monorail and their teams is essential for an optimization of all resources.

Do you know Gantt charts? A very similar tool will help you to know the status of your projects, their degree of implementation, delays, when you should ask for / receiving material suppliers and everything to do with the times of your projects.

You can see visually your shiyard and plan its occupation with a simple and effective management

The control of the warehouses of tooling, materials, paints or any other is essential in a good control of costs and resources. The rigor in their movements and inventory undoubtedly results in a direct benefit to the business.

The tasks of their personnel, as well as of external staff and subcontractors, it is imperative to get the most and profitability of these resources.

Pandora Dry dock provides you with a complete module document management where to store all images and documents linked to each project; planes, photographs, certificates, etc.

Always wanted to have controlled contact details and prosecutors from their customers, the Economic and commercial management with each of them, the complete tabs of their boats, commercial contacts…

Dry dock Pandora offers a CRM customer management where nothing escape their control.

If yourdry dock has dry marina, the management will be fully integrated.

It includes movements planning, rent or sell points, billing fees, etc.

And if the dry marina offers “forfait” everything is under control.