Digital Check-in

The perfect inversion for a more cost effective outcome

What for?

With our in Digital Check module, you can perform the capture of data directly from the passport and identity documents for your account on Pandora.

Performs receiving data on identity documents, national and extranjeros pasaportes that comply with ICAO rules.



When making the catch data directly from an identity document the error uninvolved is 0.
All data are required for customer records or members en proceso any that need be 100% secure.


In a single process you have scanned the document holder and filled the responsible boat record.

Your staff will not need to enter data because they were scanned and placed in the documentation.

If your marina has many transit passengers, this method will streamline the entire check up process in and record.

Information and images

Forget about having to make a photocopy of the document, or take a photograph of the holder, or his signature. While its members do read the document the system will scanning the images that quedarão on Pandora.


Few investments have as immediate feedback as this module:

  • Save time.
  • Optimization of human resources.
  • Improving the effectiveness and reliability.
  • A modern image of our marina, club or yard

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